Images from the performance on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Masters of the Italian Concerto
Music of Locatelli, Torelli, Hellendaal, Corelli, Vivaldi, & Handel

Archetti, the virtuoso Baroque string ensemble presents music from the golden age of string composition, an era that followed upon the golden age of instrument-making by Antonio Stradivari and his Italian contemporaries. This international program of showpieces for violins, viola, cello, violone, and harpsichord includes well-known works by Vivaldi, Corelli, and Handel, as well as rarities by Torelli, Locatelli, and the rarely performed Anglo-Dutch composer Pieter Hellendaal. Though these works share the common title of "concerto grosso," each work highlights a different configuration of soloists playing in lively dialogue with the rest of the ensemble.